1. Hello everyone, I am wondering how I might go about fishing Sauger and Walleye from underneath the dam this spring. I don't have a boat so I'm stuck on shore. ...more Currently looking for a change of fishing besides crappie and bass in Southern/Central Illinois so I'm looking to try my hand at Shelby. I Would appreciate any tips or advise. Tight lines Everybody!

    1. William Paciski 0
      If the water is coming down the dam top go home as it is warm water and no walleye if it blowing out the bottom fish a minnow and jig
    2. Josh Popp 0
      No problem. Good luck out there
    3. James Tiernan 0
      Alright, appreciate all the help Josh, will keep this in mind while I'm out there.
    4. Josh Popp 0
      Depends on the water clarity. It's really clear all Todd something more neutral if it's murky I'll go with bright but I usually just explore till I get ...more a bite. Twister tails and crawlers work good as well
    5. James Tiernan 0
      Thank you Josh, another question would be should I be starting out tossing vibrant color baits like chartreuse or more natural ones at first?
    6. Josh Popp 0
      Toss a swim bait on a jig and cast up stream and let it bounce along the bottom. Might take a couple cast to match the right weight jig with the current

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