1. Can anyone tell me if you can catch any fish at the mouth of Clower Creek in Little Sarasota Bay? I will be staying at Pelican Cove Condo the end of March. Coming ...more in from CT and want to know what I could possibly catch. Thanks in Advance!

    1. Savas Baloglu 0
      @ Chris & Erich - thank you both of the tips! I found Economy Tackle on YouTube and have watched the most recent fishing report.
    2. Chris Doehring 0
      Do a youtube search for economy tackle. Guy gives a fishing report frequently. I've not been to his shop because I haven't been down since I found his channel ...more but plan on stopping by.
    3. Erich Senft 1
      Longboat pass all day for big snook. Underneath the bridge. Just before and into dark. That's where I caught mine
    4. Savas Baloglu 0
      Thank you for the local tips. Wishing you great fishing!
    5. Phillip Sherman 0
      Snook jacks and catfish mostly.. and I go to economy bait and tackle myself but I am sure that place is great as well
    6. Savas Baloglu 0
      Is Bradenton Bait N Things, on S Tamiami Trail, a good place to get bait and rent a rod & reel?
    7. Savas Baloglu 0
      @ Phillip - what kind of fish do you catch? Thanks in advance for your reply
    8. Phillip Sherman 0
      Yes for sure you can..... I live close by there myself use a popping cork and live shrimp

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