1. anybody been fishing with the polar artic air that moved in this week? I would like to know where I can fish from the bank with no rocks or rip rap as I have issues ...more with balance with my disability. I want to catch a nice mess of Crappie. I am hungry for some fresh fish to eat. I have not caught a crappie in over 2 weeks at Raccoon lake.

    1. Ronald Sanders 0
      White bass starting to move into shoreline around lake, so I am told
    2. Phil Edwards 0
      Any White Bass reports from the spillway or lake?
    3. Bob Quick 1
      Your welcome depth is relative. Look for a deep spot(channel swings, by dam etc..). Tight lines Ronald!
    4. Ronald Sanders 0
      Thanks Bob Quick for the tip. where I fish is only 8 ft deep and they have not been there for over two weeks.
    5. Bob Quick 0
      Bank fishing will be real tough! Everywhere I have been they have moved off to at least 12ft of water.

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