1. Kicked off Gar season with a six footer, gonna be a good year

    1. rowdy2404 0
      Thanks for the answer. I was just curious because they are considered a nuisance fish here. Fun to catch tho.
    2. Detroit River Angler 0
      Pre-historic beast!!
    3. John Buttacavoli 0
      holy sh**
    4. bruton9 0
      They are trying to protect them here now as a result of the big fish of the population are far more scarce
    5. bruton9 0
      @rowdy2404 yes....one Gar can be caught or kept per trip per person...that goes for bow fishing them or jug or trot lines as well, it's a year round season but ...more a few years ago they changed the limit
    6. rowdy2404 0
      Sorry, I meant to say gar. Spell check.
    7. rowdy2404 0
      Is there actually a specific Legal fishing season for hat in Texas?
    8. bruton9 0
      Hook out, and released healthy

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