1. My arsenal is set for 2017. tight lines!!!

    1. therodeoguy 0
      Heck yeah man got any plans next weekend I'll be in Loveland if you wanna do some fishin.
    2. hatemore 0
      @therodeoguy it's been nice for the last few days almost 70 on Friday & Saturday! Caught a couple small ones yesterday!
    3. therodeoguy 0
      @hatemore how are the lakes looking out your way everything I have is iced over
    4. JR Giffin 0
      Your not alone! I'm a lefty as well. I also have the Concept A
    5. hatemore 0
      @TaylorG I do love my Concept C & A's. haven't got to use the Inception yet but I'm sure it's nice!
    6. hatemore 0
      @TaylorG lefty is the new righty lol!
    7. Taylor Glover 0
      you like concepts? good set up man but all the handles are on the wrong side

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