1. what kind of fish is this?

    1. bri_strong 0
      butler longhorn
    2. bri_strong 0
      A pond in league city
    3. _hbomb_1201_ 0
      That's good clarity. What pond was this?
    4. bri_strong 0
      @_hbomb_1201_ the water was nice. i could see the fish swimming around.
    5. _hbomb_1201_ 0
      I would not eat them in my opinion. What did the water look like
    6. bri_strong 0
      okay great, thanks! I only caught one of those but we were catching sun fish left and right! Got about 30 in two hours!
    7. Neto22 0
      yes they taste great,with a little corn flour and a little bit of oil. hope you catch more,good luck.
    8. bri_strong 0
      Thanks @Neto22
    9. bri_strong 0
      Can you eat them?
    10. Neto22 0
      nice catch,rare catch it's awesome.
    11. Drew72 0
      That's a male Rio Grande Cichlid 👍

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