1. These were the two I kept. All clean and one day they have a date with a frying pan. 🍴

    1. Alberto Davalos 0
      Yes that's one thing fishing will teach. I need a reminder sometimes too. 😁
    2. Alberto Davalos 0
      Yeah I had some kids asking me questions at the park today. I could tell they were interested. I'm sure they would get bored if the fish weren't biting.
    3. Alberto Davalos 0
      That's great. I hope when I have kids they will go with me and enjoy it as much as I do. I have always loved the great outdoors .
    4. Alberto Davalos 0
      Thanks for the advice 👍. You are pretty awesome and lovely 😉 hope my better half likes fishing half as much as you do.
    5. Alberto Davalos 0
      Can't wait to catch some Cats here in SoCal. Seems like it's finally picking up out here. Cause before I'd go out and get skunked every time 😁
    6. Alberto Davalos 0
      Yeah that's what I've heard and seen on YouTube vids

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