1. anybody participating?

    1. splitlip 0
      @troutfinder Both.
    2. troutfinder 0
      Use just plastics? Or live bait too
    3. beachfisher 0
      okay thanks@splitlip
    4. splitlip 0
      @beachfisher starts at day break and you have to be in the west marina weigh in no later than 3
    5. beachfisher 0
    6. beachfisher 0
      and what time foes it start and end
    7. beachfisher 0
      okay sweet ill look into it thanks for the post and i might see u there its a possibility @splitlip i have to get money and see if my dad will take me thanks
    8. splitlip 0
      @beachfisher east or west bay and the surf in between.
    9. splitlip 0
      @beachfisher surf fishing is allowed too.
    10. beachfisher 0
      so u have to have a boat or kayak or can u surf fish?@splitlip
    11. splitlip 0
      @beachfisher Correct bud. By boat, kayak or wade fishing. It's a team event, not an individual.
    12. beachfisher 0
      hey @splitlip it says u have to be 18 or older to participate but if u are under that age u have to have a legal gardian right?
    13. H180 1 0
      Wish I could @splitlip

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