1. Winds kinda calm blowing from the south, wish it had some type of east push a little. Other than that temperature is 87* clear blue skies or sky's (however you ...more spell it) lol just here passing time till the old lady gets outta work!

    1. Chris Skinner 0
      My surf reel for many years was an old PENN 200 surfmaster that my grandfather gave me, caught me my first shark in fact, but now it sits in a place of honor on ...more my book shelf next to his picture
    2. BaffinBayAddict 0
      Found this one Pawn Shop hunting in Corpus Christi about a year ago, it's my go to reel now.
    3. BaffinBayAddict 0
      I'm absolutely in love with them lol @Cowboy713 I used to be a No. 9 type of guy back in the day, then switched it up to Abu 7000 bit now it's back to Penn;)
    4. Chris Skinner 0
      Ah good ole squidder! Don't see many lefty models

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