1. Anybody else catch this on Amazon this morning??

    1. excellsiorlures 0
      Fingers crossed Amazon messes up some rods to lol
    2. splitlip 0
      @excellsiorlures Yeah bro.... i was pretty stoked! Now I'm looking to see what rod to pair them with.
    3. excellsiorlures 0
      One in a million chance that you caught that! I bet your stoked haha.
    4. splitlip 0
      @reidster11 I'm keeping 2, giving my brother one for his bday and have a buddy interested in the other 2. If it doesn't go through I'll let you know.
    5. reidster11 0
      @splitlip you going to sell any?
    6. Drew72 0
      Sweet. Nice work!
    7. Gabe Mitchell 0
      That's awesome!!
    8. Esgar Montalvo 0
      Wanna sell one for $50
    9. splitlip 0
      @MulletHead I bought 5 of them. Right after I bought them the price quickly jumped up to $243.
    10. Gabe Mitchell 0

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