1. What is this fish

    1. kjack707 0
      Squaw Fish (Sacramento Pike)
    2. cubedakid 0
      Man you from Florida....what part I'm from Tampa we gotta link up and get out there I'm down to drive out there anytime
    3. MulletKiller 0
      2 FL kids now living in Cali. Flying back 2morrow. Back to work.
    4. cubedakid 0
      And then
    5. cubedakid 0
      @MulletKiller yea I'm from Florida I prefer salt also, we have to link up sometime...I got out to bodega every now
    6. MulletKiller 0
      Not any more since I now live on the Russian River in Sonoma. I prefer salt though.
    7. cubedakid 0
      @MulletKiller do you fish the sac river a lot?
    8. cubedakid 0
      Do you fish the sac river a lot?
    9. MulletKiller 0
      Sac River, looks likes a Squaw Fish.

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