1. Fun fight but damn did it taste good

    1. UknownBeast 0
      @charlesaulercharles Great catch! That thing is huge!
    2. Just Fish 0
      i am
    3. UknownBeast 0
      @JustFish You look homeless
    4. charlesaulercharles 0
      You are such a fag your a adult with no life @JustFish
    5. Just Fish 0
      eats d i c k too
    6. Just Fish 0
      @charlesaulercharles thats the size of my chode
    7. JuanCarlos14 0
      That's offensive @KingCesar
    8. Christian Cisar 0
      I had a friend from Rico. they basically eat anything that swims
    9. charlesaulercharles 0
      I liked it
    10. jokerman8029 0
      Tarpon are the worst for eating lol. More bony than trout. Nor did I know you could keep them anywhere ..
    11. charlesaulercharles 0
      Yes I did they eat them in puertonrico @tmoontax @KingCisar
    12. tmoonatx 0
      you didn't actually eat it did you?
    13. Christian Cisar 0
      ha taste good. funny joke
    14. austins29 0
      Is this the 110 pounder?

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