1. My dog was tragically hit by a car and killed on the 13th. He was only 10 months old and by far the best dog that I could ask for. Always wagging his tail and wanting ...more to play. My family misses him dearly (especially my 4 year old son) and will never forget him. R.i.p. Moe, we love you and thank you for your never ending companionship!!

    1. King_Fisher 0
      Thanks man! Right back at you!
    2. Josh Parker 0
      @jasondel sorry to hear that brother... I'm sure they are playing right now😉
    3. Jason Delgado 0
      I know how you feel. Moe'll be playin in heaven with my baby girl. That's her on my profile
    4. fishguy713 0
      yeah Mann just happened to me lost him for 2 days and just got him back a surprise wasp sting too lol now I'm all swollen up on my face but atleast I was happy ...more to get my dog back after 2 days missing
    5. Josh Parker 0
      @fishguy713 make sure u train him/her well and never let them out of your sight... it only takes a second for tragedy to strike
    6. fishguy713 0
      true tht @fishON423
    7. Josh Parker 0
      @Matthew_L @simmsrenegade61 @Dylan02 thanks guys and he absolutely was the best fishing partner I could ask for (as long as he wasn't swimming and scaring all ...more my fish away lol)
    8. Josh Parker 0
      @fishguy713 kids will be kids
    9. fishguy713 0
      sorry about ur loss I'm looking for a companion like tht too and o think I found him just got to train him @fishON423
    10. fishguy713 0
      the Lil kid has only caught like 9 fish go look at his profile and he's looking for pictures lol go check his profile it's funny cuz he's taking mess ...more about a dog rip and he has only caught like 9 lol.
    11. Dylan02 0
      Sorry for your loss
    12. Dylan02 0
      Shut up @lukebboyd mine you business it was probably his fishing partner so why don't you go on huntingskout if "hunting is your passion" Gay boy
    13. Matthew_L 0
      Sorry to hear that man
      @lukeboyd shut your trap ok at least give him some sympathy ok
      Sad to here RIP Moe
    16. simmsrenegade61 0
      @lukeboyd you meant "passion" for hunting. This isn't "little kid doesn't know the English language or dictation scout" either. #pwned
    17. simmsrenegade61 0
      @lukeboyd hey kid, calm down. If you came here for fish pics only then go look at them and skip over the animal picture. You show your age--you found your "compassion" ...more in fishing? Doesn't make sense
    18. lukeboyd 0
      Only took you an hour to find out all those big words
    19. lukeboyd 0
      Your right my life is so miserable I'm sorry can you tell your dog that pls don't incarcerate me
    20. Josh Parker 0
      patient and kind in dealing with you.... go back to your miserable, angry life and leave my dog out of it!!
    21. Josh Parker 0
      your a little kid with BIG issues and I pray that God will help you realize that before you end up getting hurt or incarcerated. I'm not "dishing out" ...more anything and on the contrary I've been extremely
    22. Josh Parker 0
      @lukeboyd buddy I don't know what your problem is but I'd greatly appreciate if you stop. I didn't ask for your permission to post a picture of my dog ...more and I don't really care about your opinion...
    23. lukeboyd 0
      Don't try to roast if you can't even make one that's true
    24. lukeboyd 0
      Btw my biggest compassion is hunting so you can't say I hope you find your compassion if I already have one
    25. lukeboyd 0
      Ok but te world is depressing enough I come here for fish pictures not pictures of dead pets that you loved so much, you can't call me fam if I dot even know ...more you
    26. Josh Parker 0
      not only about fish but it's a family. family's support each other in good times and bad. leave me and my post alone. God bless u little man.
    27. Josh Parker 0
      @lukeboyd you're a sick little boy. I pray that you will find compassion in life and respect for adults. I've been on fishing scout for quite sometime and ...more know EXACTLY what it is...
    28. lukeboyd 0
      This is fishing scout no deadpet scout
    29. Josh Parker 0
      special about Moe. he was one of a kind and will never be replaced (I'm sure I'll own another dog down the line but he will always have a special place in ...more my heart)
    30. Josh Parker 0
      @simmsrenegade61 @Drew72 @solorider4o8 Thanks guys! he was a damnn good dog and it's a shame that his life was taken so prematurely! I've owned tons of pets ...more in my lifetime and there was something
    31. solorider4o8 0
      Sorry for your family's lost
    32. Drew72 0
      RIP Moe. A lifetime of memories in 10 months.
    33. simmsrenegade61 0
      So sorry for the loss. You'll always remember him. Rip Moe
    34. Josh Parker 0
      @King_Fisher thanks brother.... we will also be searching for a new pup once the grieving process is over.. good luck in your hunt for a new best friend!!
    35. King_Fisher 0
    36. King_Fisher 0
      Man sorry to hear that you never think loosing a dog a as hard as it is until it happens! We had to put down my first dog earlier this year and it sucked! But now ...more the puppy hunt is on and it's a bit
    37. Josh Parker 0
      Always Loved, Never Forgotten
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