1. Got my first ever baitcaster and went and tested it today got one bite on a scum popping frog but nothing else. The rod and reel are a bass pro shops tourny special ...more so far love it no problems at all

    1. Bass_Master123 0
      What kind of line do you have on that??
    2. StrikeKing 0
      Yes you can I myself prefer it but most go braided due to its high strength and small diameter. I feel it's also more forgiving with birds nests.
    3. Angler10 0
      Can you put nylon line on a baitcaster
    4. Angler10 0
      Damm nice
    5. Paul Wharton 0
      Only $90 @angler10
    6. Angler10 0
      How much

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