1. First day fishing in hawaii right infront of the hotel in the lagoon went on a tube raft thing with flippers and trolled a Kastmaster I only fished for 45 mns I ...more caught 6. ( 5 blue trevallys and 1 fish that idk why it is) does anyone know wht fish this is?

    1. hunterhastingshhhh 0
      I also caught another one today and I do think it's a yellow striped goatfish @1lastkast
    2. hunterhastingshhhh 0
      Do they eat good @1lastkast
    3. 1lastkast 0
      Looks like a weke pronounced with a V or yellow stripe goatfish. They often have a dark spot on them like that. Delicious!! @MusicCityBass @SwampMafia
    4. MusicCityBass 0
      @SwampMafia might know, and @1lastkast used to live in Hawaii
    5. mike gardiner 0
      I meant I don't have a reddish tail.
    6. mike gardiner 0
      Looks very similar to a Whiting in the surf, but they don't hit artificial and I don't know if they have those in Hawaii. Plus they don't have a ready ...more still. Ha ha

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