1. Caughtt about 100 of these guys today, this one was fat!

    1. James Scott 0
      smallie and some crappie
    2. trideman 0
      Any luck? @kushedoutkam
    3. James Scott 0
      i go behind the police bulding and its trail that leads down i just got back
    4. trideman 0
      How do you get down there? Isnt there a fence @kushedoutkam
    5. James Scott 0
      im going below the dam today
    6. James Scott 0
      the spot i was in is where they like to hang out its got lots of shades and weeds growing out the rip rap
    7. trideman 0
      Must have really wanted that fly, i tried for bass but i couldn't get any, so i just went for those panfish and i caught a couple catfish with liver @kushedoutkam
    8. James Scott 0
      lol yep i got a bass that day but i gut hooked him so it was kinda messy lol
    9. trideman 0
    10. trideman 0
      Yeah i was at the dam, thats the first time ive been at Morse, were you the one in the green?
    11. James Scott 0
      top of the dam??
    12. James Scott 0
      i think i saw you that day i was fly fishing a couple spots down from you
    13. colter105 0
      Look at that pig!!

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