1. @ReadyForThatBattle these are my hooks for reds and drum. In the summer I switch to a 10-12/0 and a 20/0 for my yak out leaders.

    1. ThatOneFisher 0
    2. Texas_Slam 0
      1.2 @ThatOneFisher
    3. ThatOneFisher 0
      Thanks @Texas_Slam. What size crimps would I use for 200 pound mono?
    4. Texas_Slam 0
      billfisher size 1.2 an 2.8 crimps rounds and oval sections @ThatOneFisher
    5. ThatOneFisher 0
      @Texas_Slam what type of crimps do you use? Round or oval section?
    6. Texas_Slam 0
      overpriced hooks and they don't make them how I would like them to be. @cesarmedina5
    7. cesarmedina5 0
      where the trokars at ๐Ÿ‘€
    8. christian christian 0
      I'll check em out for sure bro
    9. Texas_Slam 0
      These have never had that problem these will probably do you better. give them a try. @Ohiocatfisherman
    10. christian christian 0
      @Texas_Slam the offset circles and for big time flatheads lol I had the tips break off twice and made the switch to team catfish circle hooks
    11. Texas_Slam 0
      No problem. Fishing is starting to pick up. better get out to the surf!! @ReadyForThatBattle
    12. Texas_Slam 0
      no. gamas never failed me. landed my 5 foot blacktip on it, 50lb drum and 50 inch red on it. What model did you use and what are you fishing for? @Ohiocatfisherman
    13. christian christian 0
      @Texas_Slam have you ever had the tips break on your gama when a big fish is on? Happened to me twice
    14. ReadyForThatBattle 0
      @Texas_Slam I see! So 9/0 for drums and jacks and 10/0+ for sharks? Thx for the help๐Ÿ‘

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