1. 3-29-15 Caught on fresh dead shrimp by the PVC pipe/ on the Intracoastal, 1/2 mile south of Mitchell's cut. Penn 3500 reel, Penn Spinfisher rod, 20# braided ...more line. Windy with cloudy water from all the recent rains. Only had a 38 inch tape on board but he was longer than that. Would guess around 60 pounds. Scale maxes out at 50.

    1. Scott Stubler 0
      Tear loose since they're used to living in a mostly weightless environment. Holding them at angles tears them up inside. Good to know since we need the big ...more guys to breed to keep our sport healthy.
    2. Scott Stubler 0
      I was taught as a kid to fill bigger fish. Apparently gilling and holding fish vertically will kill the fish after release. Hold your fish horizontally to take pics. ...more Otherwise their muscles / organs
    3. Scott Stubler 0
      Learned something new today that might help young kids and older guys like me who returned to the sport after decades away. For you catch and release or people not ...more intending to harvest the fish guys.
    4. Scott Stubler 0
      As stated it was a Black Drum. I catch and release 99% of what I get. I've been told the Black Drums over 20 inches or so have a lot of worms. Sent this one ...more back to get a little bigger.
    5. Welcome to Fishing Skout
    6. Very nice!
    7. hudsonkuczaj 0
      No the big ones have parasites @cole12345
    8. cole12345 0
      You eat those
    9. bgelske 0
      Black drum
    10. cole_agouridis 0
      Nice info bud!
    11. tbailey007 0
      What kind is it?
    12. King_Fisher 0
      Nice one!

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