1. These are two of the new shadow raps from rapala these are the shallow running go 2-4 feet, the gold is called Olive Green and the natural is Blue Back Herring. ...more These have a lot of hype behind them said to be stellar jerkbaits in cold water, great action. Hopefully, get to use them soon. Give some feed back on what you think, would like to get another opinion

    1. GoRedhawks 0
      Where's the dutchies
    2. dutchman10 0
      @hatemore I wanted to get the deep diving which goes about 4-6 but the didn't have in the colors I wanted
    3. dutchman10 0
      @trideman I went to cabelas to get them and half the rack was gone
    4. topwater_beast Woop 0
      nice i just bought the bone color..
    5. trideman 0
      I wanted to get some but cant find them at my local stores.
    6. hatemore 0
      I've used mine a couple times this year. Great action!

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