1. How I load a kayak in my truck. 1 ratchet strap securely holds the kayak in place. I can fit up to three 10 ft kayaks in the bed by making a pyramid, two on each ...more side and one on top of the bottom kayaks.

    1. Will Engle 0
      I didn't realize that yours was 14ft, the bed extender would probably be your best bet. @makzymos
    2. Makz Jaramillo 0
      Any thoughts on mine being 14ft? I'm about to get a hitch and bed extender if a have to dangit
    3. Will Engle 0
      Sometimes I turn the hitch upside down and tie it like like @Reel_Smooth
    4. Reel_Smooth 0
      @makzymos i would take a rope and tie it from the tip of the yak to the hitch to be extra safe.
    5. Will Engle 0
    6. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      I do the exact same, takes about 30 seconds to load and unload
    7. Makz Jaramillo 0
      Thanks! @TXfisherman97 exactly what I needed to see!
    8. Will Engle 0

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