1. Is there safe ice in NJ yet?

    1. Mike Mike 0
      And pm you with some places to go.
    2. Mike Mike 0
      @metalhead your just not fishing the right spots. So many amazing lakes and ponds. A lot of good fishing is on farm ponds. You're just in the alow time of year ...more right now. I will make you a map
    3. Oliver Ancans 0
      What's I'm assinpunk lake? I went out there once and got a 2 pound bass. Other then that nothin. @mcladjack I'm getting real sick of only having 2 or ...more 3 fish days in NJ haha its not like back home
    4. Mike Mike 0
      Pike, Muskie, and walleye and tons of pan fish. It's well worth a Saturday trip up there. You need to go to the state oak there. It's the best spot I think.
    5. Mike Mike 0
      @metalhead there's a good amount of small lakes and ponds down by base there. Assinpink lake is really good like 30 mins away from you. Hopatcong is just a ...more Great Lake. Good numbers of bass , pickeral
    6. Oliver Ancans 0
      What's out at lake hopatcong? @mcladjack
    7. Oliver Ancans 0
      Mcguire AFB @mcladjack
    8. Mike Mike 0
      Yea it's a great Lake to fish. Where abouts are you at? @metalhead
    9. Oliver Ancans 0
    10. Oliver Ancans 0
      It's a 2 hour drive for me. Is lake hopatcong worth it?
    11. Mike Mike 0
      @metalhead not Yet. I was home for a week on leave hoping so. Lake hopatcong people are on there no problem. South jerz they are still alittle to sketch for my ...more liking

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