1. ricky1221 0
      Its a good reel just no fresh watervaround where i live. If any one is interested just let me. I will be putting it on sale locally here soon.
    2. Nao Vue 0
      How did u like the reel?
    3. ricky1221 0
      Nope. I got a Abu for salt water.
    4. Nao Vue 0
      Has it been in salt water?
    5. ricky1221 0
      @bassmaster021 hmm maybe like 5 times. There are sone small ponds over here with bass.
    6. Nao Vue 0
      How many times have u used it?
    7. ricky1221 0
      @bassmaster021 7.2:1
    8. ricky1221 0
    9. Nao Vue 0
      Wats the ratio?
    10. ricky1221 0
      @bassmaster021 here you go it comes with everything you see here.

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