1. Selling. Shimano Curado and Shimano rod Compre 6'10" for $160 shipped.

    1. Nao Vue 0
      I dont have paypal and can u post up more pics?
    2. garrett weiss 0
      Hey if you want them to know you commented just tag them like @bassmaster021
    3. ricky1221 0
      Alright do you have PayPal. Or how shall we do this i can ship out soon if i receive payment.
    4. Nao Vue 0
      Ill buy the reel?
    5. ricky1221 0
      $90 shipped
    6. jordan lezcano 0
      How much for the reel
    7. jordan lezcano 0
      Would u sell just the reel know some one that wants it
    8. ricky1221 0
      Its a amazing reel. Just have to sell it doing some cleaning up.
    9. Nao Vue 0
      How did u like it?
    10. ricky1221 0
      Heck ya ill ship there
    11. Nao Vue 0
      Would u ship to Michigan
    12. ricky1221 0
      I'm in Florida not really much bass fishing around here.
    13. ricky1221 0
      In great shape just lubed her up.
    14. Nao Vue 0
      Good deal hows the reel?

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