1. bayareabassin 0
      Right on thx for the info. I'll have to check Hiroshima customs out.
    2. Brandon Lum 0
      my local guy that does them for me. @bayareabassin
    3. Brandon Lum 0
      Haha, dont plan on getting rid of any 250s. Plus that light trout one gets hammered. Just find a off color one and get a repaint by hiroshima customs. Hes the only ...more good painter i can think of besides
    4. bayareabassin 0
      I'll be patiently waiting............... Lol
    5. Brandon Lum 0
      @hunter_nessen thats like $1100 retail, almost double that value with the going rate for them right now and completely worth every penny.
    6. Brandon Lum 0
      Lol, i will, but i dont plan on getting rid of any of them. Local painter did that for me at a very reasonable price and paint seems to hold up better than most ...more other painters @bayareabassin
    7. bayareabassin 0
      Lmk first
    8. bayareabassin 0
      If you ever want to sell that top one.
    9. big_bass 0
      @bayareabassin it is a rainbow trout custom color. I saw it on swimbait underground a few weeks ago.
    10. bayareabassin 0
      What color is that top one? Custom?
    11. big_bass 0
      @hunter_nessen then you obviously have never seen what they do. Just saying
    12. hunter_nessen 0
      That's like $1000 that's absolutely outrageous
    13. big_bass 0
      Awwwwww i want one soooooooooooo bad!!! ;(

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