1. When fishing becomes a problem.. I have an addiction and I know it sounds funny but I'm being serious. I have joked about it so many times but lately I wonder ...more if that's not just my own way of being in denial. I hate even saying it now to strangers on here but I guess I'm just trying to get some perspective on it from outsiders..

    1. Sarah hebert 0
      I can see now why some guys are willing to spend so much money on boats lmao I used to say that was so dumb!
    2. Sarah hebert 0
      My hubby hunted all his life til he met me and it's been 11 years now he has never went hunting
    3. Sarah hebert 0
      @eastonsutley I would never ever hunt! I am the biggest animal lover.I know everyone says well how can you kill fish? Idk know how I do it but I guess it's the ...more 50/50 thing
    4. Sarah hebert 0
      I won't even get the boat out unless I know we will stay all night lol and it's sad but I will do "anything" to stay in the boat..it's kinda ...more like our mental agreement lmao
    5. Sarah hebert 0
      It's not even the fishing that I love, just the outdoors especially at night and being away from people. I have friends that laugh at me cause even if they not ...more bitin I'll stay in the boat over 24 hrs
    6. Sarah hebert 0
      @whitebass I think that is what I'm tryin to figure out lol I'm not sure if I have anxiety or mild depression or if it is that I am having a "fit" ...more but it is def startin to get to that point.
    7. eastonsutley 0
      Take up hunting in the winter it helps.
    8. Celtron Ca 0
      I stop at bridges and there are a few easy access spots in town for a quick 15-30 minute break. Personally I think it is normal. I guess that is way we are called ...more avid anglers!
    9. whitebass_81 0
      As long as it makes you happy but once you don't get pleasure out of it that's when you take a break
    10. Sarah hebert 0
      I also have no interest in doing "normal" things on weekends or like visiting with family on holidays. It makes winter really hard.I am lucky to have a ...more good man who loves fishing and understands
    11. Sarah hebert 0
      I do both of these lol, sometimes I sneak out and go in the middle of the night by myself and sometimes I lie and say I'm grocery shoppin or payin bills during ...more the day but I'm not lol
    12. Sarah hebert 0
      I think that makes it worse for me though. All it does is makes me want to go right then lol. I know I have a problem, if you have to lie or hide then it's probly ...more past a healthy point
    13. Sarah hebert 0
      Well my husband does that kind of stuff too in the afternoon sometimes for no reason at all. He will get poles out in the middle of the week and just put new string ...more and leave em in the front room
    14. Celtron Ca 0
      I relate to that! In my case work and family take most of my time, but my thoughts are never far from fishing. I tie flys and organize my tackle.
    15. Sarah hebert 0
      Can anyone relate to this or how do you pass the time? I don't know what to do with myself when I can't be around water. I thought games or tv shows about ...more fishin may help,that actually pisses me off

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