1. 10 inches and over

    1. Brandon Lum 0
      @GotEmCustomBaits yeah i hope not
    2. Jesse w 0
      17...you're lucky. I had bills to pay already at that age. when I lived with my parents, I had to bribe them for a new baseball glove. I hope your parents never ...more see a nursing home lol
    3. Brandon Lum 0
      @GotEmCustomBaits Im 17 so i dont have to worry about marrige for a while lol. I have one but since theyre glide baits and i dont fish them that deep its usually ...more easy to get one out.
    4. Jesse w 0
      about $1100 @Bullredben72 hope you're not married lol. nice collection @bmlum hope you have a good lure retriever lol
    5. eastonsutley 0
      Props on the hinkle bro. 👍 heck of a collection.
    6. Brandon Lum 0
      @Bullredben72 they arent for sale
    7. Bullredben72 0
      yay to get some
    8. Brandon Lum 0
      like as in value or as in you want to buy them @Bullredben72
    9. Bullredben72 0
      how much for all of them
    10. Walker Wilson 0
      Those are some real baits right there
    11. Brandon Lum 0
      left is a 3:16 BAA @sutton_dole
    12. huntingandfishing 0
    13. huntingandfishing 0
      The one on the far right on the side and the 2 in the middle. Top one is bloody carp and the one below is wild carp
    14. Sutton Dole 0
      Top three right? @huntingandfishing
    15. huntingandfishing 0
      3 of those are deps @sutton_dole
    16. Sutton Dole 0
      Ones in the middle look like deps, is that a 316 on the left?
    17. big_bass 0
      @bmlum lucky I want those many slide swimmers!!!
    18. JWelch 0
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