1. I'm gonna be in ocean city Maryland for a week and just need some tips/ help with surf fishing for pretty much anything that'll bite. Shark/ bluefish. Anything, ...more help please!

    1. Dreed97 0
      Awesome! Thanks a lot @just_a_city_boy_fishing
    2. Chris Catlin 0
      good bait
    3. Chris Catlin 0
      I haven't caught any bluefish b4 but I've caught ladyfish on small jigs. spoons work pretty well for just about anything (I recomend a krocodile) and that's ...more about all I know! ohh sand fleas are also..
    4. Chris Catlin 0
      I'm not much of a surf fisher but I'm going tomorrow! umm I've caught some bait fish on shrimp, then pretty much anything you catch will work as sharkbait!... ...more croaker, pinfish, stingray etc.

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