1. Any tips on how and where to fish this? I'm kinda new to swimbait fishing.

    1. Jesse w 0
      any time bud.
    2. Christiank 0
      Ok thanks! @GotEmCustomBaits
    3. Jesse w 0
      just depends where the fish are sitting. I like running a bottom hook just above the fish. I rig my hudd similar
    4. Christiank 0
      So how close to the bottom do you fish it? @GotEmCustomBaits
    5. Jesse w 0
      if I get tail strikes, I'll speed up my retrieve and cast back.
    6. Jesse w 0
      ledges, ledges, and ledges
    7. Jesse w 0
      what @Oregon_Bass said. slow roll it and let em take it. don't let it hit the bottom like you can with a hudd. I've lost lots of them doing that
    8. kenny kenny 0
      November-February on Shasta Lake. Looks like spot candy!
    9. Christiank 0
      Ok you fish it on the bottom or what? @Oregon_Bass
    10. Oregon_Bass 0
      Just cast and reel pretty much. Change up the reel speeds if anything. But the best retrieve is a slow roll @Christiank
    11. Christiank 0
      I'm probably going to through it at lost creek in the open!
    12. Christiank 0
    13. Christiank 0
      How do you like to fish it? I fish a hudd sometimes.
    14. Christiank 0
      Thanks @jeremy5567
    15. Oregon_Bass 0
      That thing kills it at Howard and selmac. Spots at Shasta too
    16. jeremy5567 0
      Fish deep water reel about 10 feet stop and let it sink for 3 seconds repeat
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