1. I'm looking into getting the Shimano Symetre reel. I'm also looking at the Quantum 40 pts. What do y'all think?

    1. Conley Foeh 0
      Yes they last, about twice as long as a Sahara. That is, if you fish saltwater.
    2. Jake 0
      Cool. Thx. @eastonsutley
    3. eastonsutley 0
      I got the Sahara and love it.
    4. Jake 0
      Sweet. Thanks y'all! @flounderpounder88 @Jimmy_Lynch
    5. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Shimano for the money. Put some braid on it and you'll be able to catch everything and anything
    6. flounderpounder88 0
      Sorry I am referring to the symetre.
    7. flounderpounder88 0
      Awsome reel! I have 2 of the 2500 strung up with 20lb braid Had them 3 years and use them to fish for reds. Never a problem.
    8. Jake 0
      Awesome. Do they last too? @speckcatcher
    9. Conley Foeh 0
      Yup, they work very good for the money
    10. Jake 0
      Ok thanks. U ever used one? @speckcatcher
    11. Jake 0
      No and both if possible. @Jimmy_Lynch
    12. Conley Foeh 0
      The Symetre for sure.
    13. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Are you brand specific? Salt or freshwater?
    14. Jake 0
      $100(or less)-150 @Jimmy_Lynch
    15. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Do you have a price limit?
    16. Jake 0
      Sweet. Thanks man. @Jimmy_Lynch
    17. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      I've used Shimano my whole life. That's a good reel for the price.
    18. Jake 0
      Have u ever used one? @Jimmy_Lynch
    19. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Good reel
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