1. lalo 0
      disciples fishing club
    2. fishwizard52 0
      Will do @lalo. What's the name of the club, Facebook/website?
    3. lalo 0
      thanks my brother
    4. David Fairchild 0
      That's awesome! Keep it up Lalo and God bless
    5. lalo 0
      yall keep us in prayer were try to resch out to father that need to know our fathers. we had a fishing tournament sat for our youth 30 + attend. some dads but in ...more god time they will severe him
    6. mike hicks 0
      Sweet, I like that
    7. gr82bstr8 0
      👍👍 like the shirt both front & back
    8. Josh Parker 0
      That is AWESOME!
    9. lalo 0
      not yes but we will
    10. Andrew Alonzo 0
      do you sell those
    11. lalo 0
      fishwizard yes but to give god all glory it would be nice to have every place there water ... texas boy thanks were just here doing gods work if yall now of any ...more guys with love for god let me know
    12. Texasboy254 0
      @lalo I like that shirt bud
    13. fishwizard52 0
      Love it! Local club?

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