1. Me and my buddy fishing and caught this 4.1 lbs

    1. the_bass_master_ 0
      @robz713 die**
    2. the_bass_master_ 0
      Yeah if it gets really cold they did off so that's what sucks they like warm water
    3. robz713 0
      Sweet I don't think we have them in Houston I'd like to mount one @the_bass_master_
    4. the_bass_master_ 0
    5. the_bass_master_ 0
      They are really strong but you mostly have to sight fish them they are very agressive towards smaller baits and then if you get one about 2lbs or more get ready ...more for a big fight and lots of drag going
    6. robz713 0
      I've never caught one how do they fight
    7. phillyfisher23 0
      Cool looking fish

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