1. Same cold spring break! Hooked one that weighed 155lbs

    1. Zach Parvin 0
      Yep that was last year and i will be using the same one this year prespawn. Was you at guntersville @cuonger ?
    2. cuonger 0
      I'm gunna be using the red eye shad this pre spawn but I am always more careful. I still have the lure that pierced my pinky lol but good story because I can ...more relate haha
    3. cuonger 0
      Holy crap... When it happened to me. Da bass was still hooked and flapping. Was not fun. But they tried yanking it out and ended up pushing it thru. Bad memories
    4. Zach Parvin 0
    5. Zach Parvin 0
      They couldnt get it to push through on me. Had to rip it out
    6. cuonger 0
      They had to push it all the way thru my finger cut the barb off then remove it. And when it got hooked on my finger I was trying to remove a 1lb large mouth.
    7. cuonger 0
      Omg same lure lure hooked my pinky. I had to go to er lol with my dumb brother in law making fun of me
    8. Zach Parvin 0
      Yep. Not my first time @LivewellHero
    9. Christian Holyoak 0
      I'm dreading the day it happens to me... If you fish long enough, it's bound to happen
    10. Calvin Wolf 0
      Hahahaha @JohnnyDeadNuts
    11. rablalock 0
      Wall mounter!!
    12. phillyfisher23 0
      Caught a lunker
    13. Johnny DeadNuts 0
      That's gayer than aids
    14. Sam_Glasgow 0
      Dang man that sucks hope it feels better
    15. Zach Parvin 0
      i caught a spot its was about 4 lbs and it flopped around the front hook went in my finger and the rear hook was still hooked in the fish and he was hanging just ...more floppin around. @Sam_Glasgow
    16. Sam_Glasgow 0
      Man that must have hurt like a ***** how'd you hook yourself?
    17. Zach Parvin 0
      With some deadening solution and a good ole pair of pliers i couldnt get to work out there on the boat. @Sam_Glasgow
    18. Sam_Glasgow 0
      How did they remove it?
    19. Zach Parvin 0
      I couldnt. Tried for hours had to go get it removed at a hospital @Dreed97
    20. Will Andrie 0
      That sucks man
    21. Dreed97 0
      How'd you get it out?
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