1. Please help.

    1. Andrew Borsa 0
      I prefer pencil dic line it's nice
    2. eastonsutley 0
      @AllWaterLife don't go cheap! Especially with floro go with seaguar red label for $10 I would get 12# test.
    3. Dreed97 0
      Ok thank you this helps @fishwizard52
    4. fishwizard52 0
      You can always use a long fluoro leader in clear conditions. Just don't make the mistake of going too heavy on the braid for the type of fishing you do. PP Super ...more Slick or Spiderwire Invisibraid!
    5. fishwizard52 0
      Once you get more into the largemouth game though, definitely invest in another outfit spooled with braid. It's great around cover and will give you much longer ...more casts plus no stretch.
    6. fishwizard52 0
      @Dreed97 I agree with what's been said above about mono, it's a very versatile way to get started, and I still use mono on several of my largemouth spinning ...more setups. I like 12 lb Berkeley Transoptic.
    7. james5nds 0
      I use mono over fluro just because of the price and my opinion is that fluro isent that much greater than mono. I know all of its bennifits but for starting out ...more just stick to mono and try fluro later
    8. james5nds 0
      Sinks faster than mono and braid floats. I think it's partially preference as well
    9. james5nds 0
      It all depends on where and what you fish. They both have separate advantages braid has no stretch or memory and a thin diameter but is easily visible but fluro ...more is invisible and is sensitive and
    10. AllWaterLife 0
      @eastonsutley I can feel it real well with mono, but maybe I'll buy some cheap flouro just to try it out for a while.
    11. Dreed97 0
      Thanks! @Jimmy_Lynch @bassinboy01
    12. eastonsutley 0
      Haha @AllWaterLife looks like you need to use some floro as main line it really help with feeling the bite especially with plastics.
    13. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      I like 30 lb power pro for braid for almost everything especially cover. And then 12 lb trilene for mono and almost anything else. Both get the job done for everything
    14. AllWaterLife 0
      Don't listen to me then! Haha
    15. Jacob Breaux 0
      @AllWaterLife What?!!! I ONLY use fluoro main line for jigs and plastics.
    16. Jacob Breaux 0
      for moving baits like spinners. Topwaters too since it floats
    17. Jacob Breaux 0
      Good info above. 12lb big game will get most stuff done to get you started. Once you get more into it, braid for heavy cover, fluoro for jigs, worms, anything you ...more need to feel the bite, mono
    18. AllWaterLife 0
      @eastonsutley I've never met anyone besides @allennnnn_ that uses flouro as a main line.
    19. zach74 0
      For braid 20 with a 14 lb leader
    20. Dreed97 0
      Thanks all of this helped me out a lot @williamd1999 @pgondella and I learned a lot from that thanks. @dgrabe217
    21. dgrabe217 0
      I just tagged you to a blert that had a lot of info on this
    22. King_Fisher 0
      I like mono 12-14 pound test is always a good bet for lighter baits for heavier baits like jigs I like 17 and up.
    23. William William 0
      I like a 30-50 pound braid for pulling fish out of the nastiest of cover. Flouro is most affective at 10-14 pound for hard baits. But you can go as high as 20-25 ...more if you are fishing a jig with it.
    24. William William 0
      Helpful when you want to get your crank bait, jerk bait, or plastic down to the desired depth more easily.
    25. Dreed97 0
      Thanks tht helps a lot @bassaholic13 @williamd1999
    26. William William 0
      It having more hook-set power due to having no stretch over long distance hook-ups. Fluoro has it's purpose too. It is practically invisible so it works out ...more great when fishing clear water. It's also..
    27. William William 0
      Both have their place as does mono. I throw braid for flipping heavy cover to yank those fish out of all kings of thick vegetation. I also use braid for frogging ...more and throwing buzzbaits because of...
    28. David Fairchild 0
      Flouro has it's application, but I have been broke off on Flouro too many times! Starting out keep it simple. Awesome line and reasonable cost. And you will ...more have plenty to respool later! @Dreed97
    29. DaneGrissom 0
    30. DaneGrissom 0
      All I use is braid trust me it's worth the price you feel so many more bites and get 20lb test and I likes fins braid and power pro supper slick 8
    31. Dreed97 0
      Thanks! @bassaholic13
    32. David Fairchild 0
      Go to WM and buy a large roll of Trilene Big Game in 15lb test. Clear for really clear water. Green is almost all I use in Texas. @Dreed97
    33. Dreed97 0
      What pound braid tho? @zach74
    34. zach74 0
      Flouro or braid with flouro leader. Flouro is easier and 12,14 or if ur going for other fish like catfish, get 20
    35. AllWaterLife 0
      @eastonsutley I've never met anyone besides @allennnnn_ that uses flouro as a main line.
    36. AllWaterLife 0
      You should @Dreed97. Especially if you throw any topwater
    37. eastonsutley 0
      Really? @AllWaterLife I really like 12# floro for most setups.
    38. Dreed97 0
      I have 8lb trilene on for walleye and smallmouth. Im going to do more largemouth fishing @WormDrowner
    39. Bruce Sachtleben 0
      I like Berkley's Trilene. I use it in 8-12 lb test, of course I haven't tried punching mats with it and that could make a big difference.
    40. Dreed97 0
      Never really tried mono. Just flouro. @AllWaterLife
    41. AllWaterLife 0
      Why not mono..? Flouro is generally used for a leader, if at all. At least where I'm from.
    42. Dreed97 0
      Thanks! It helps @FishJunkie
    43. Sean Hannan 0
      Heavy cover and largemouth I like braid. For smallmouth I will exclusively use fluorocarbon in 6-12 lb. a good rule of thumb is the clearer the water the lighter ...more the line. Hope this helps. Tight lines
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