1. One of 52 bass caught between 4 anglers in an hour and a half. This one was 3.5lbs in 36 degree weather.

    1. Jesse w 0
      nice fish and scale
    2. hillcater15 0
      Naw saw a bunch of doe that were small. I also saw a huge buck but I couldn't get a good shot because it was far away and behind a tree. @davidlovesfishing
    3. Gone_fishingg 0
      Oh ok u kill any?
    4. hillcater15 0
      Farm @davidlovesfishing
    5. Gone_fishingg 0
    6. james5nds 0
      That thing is skinny!!! It has potential to be much bigger than 3.5
    7. wking45 0
      Nice bass!
    8. RyanEllis 0
      Oh ok. Doesn't look that big but if you had a scale your right! @jhnfishing101
    9. hillcater15 0
      Two electronic scales said it was @RyanEllis1
    10. RyanEllis 0
      Good fish!👍 but not 3.5. Still a great fish!

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