1. cant wait for summer

    1. elias Gonzalez 0
      yess @j_reyes
    2. j_reyes 0
      for surf?
    3. j_reyes 0
    4. elias Gonzalez 0
      15 @j_reyes
    5. j_reyes 0
      what lb mono
    6. elias Gonzalez 0
      penn and 15 mono @j_reyes
    7. j_reyes 0
      what reels are those ? what is it spooled with
    8. elias Gonzalez 0
      lol yeaa I cant wait to get my kayak @lemesnil
    9. lemesnil 0
      Ha no worries... I can't wait for the summer cause I love the beach! And water skiing!
    10. elias Gonzalez 0
      yess man cant wait @lemesnil
    11. elias Gonzalez 0
      lol dammmit I meess up lmao I meant to put spring to sorry lol @lemesnil
    12. lemesnil 0
      Hit the surf for those reds man!
    13. lemesnil 0
      Don't wait till the summer!!!! Spring time will rock your socks too ya know.

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