1. RiverBoyPat 0
    2. RiverBoyPat 0
      Thanks! For monster pictures follow me!
    3. Sutton Dole 0
      Revo s and veritas best combo ever and it looks good
    4. Christian Holyoak 0
      Personally, I'd never get a combo new for under $100 reel or under $100 rod. It's all about your budget. You seem set on abu, do I said the best combo you ...more could get in your budget
    5. PKfisherman 0
      Black max
    6. RyanEllis 0
      Idk maybe where talking about a different orra reel @walleyegod
    7. RyanEllis 0
      Oh idk It's smooth enough for me but every one has different opinions so I get what ur saying @walleyegod
    8. Jake Pedersen 0
      @rellis1 I'm talking about the orra sx
    9. Jake Pedersen 0
      they aren't smooth when you reel @rellis1
    10. Calvin Fease 0
      I've landed probably nine or ten 8+lbers on various stuff from the Revo line. My PB came on a Gen1 Premier ($80 courtesy of eBay). I almost boat-swung a 10-0 ...more with a Gen1 STX.
    11. RyanEllis 0
      What do you mean? @walleyegod
    12. Jake Pedersen 0
      its not the feel of the reel though... both of them grind when u reel them...@rellis1
    13. RyanEllis 0
      Saying @walleyegod
    14. RyanEllis 0
      Ya ik man it's just how the rod feels to you. Not other people. Ever one has diff opinions. So I get what you are
    15. Jake Pedersen 0
    16. Jake Pedersen 0
      well that's my personal ecpiernce with the reel@LivewellHero @rellis1
    17. RyanEllis 0
      Ya that's what I have and it works fine landed my PB LMB with it @LivewellHero @walleyegod
    18. RyanEllis 0
      Also the Lews tournament bait caster is pretty good.
    19. RyanEllis 0
      Abu Garcia ambassador is a pretty good bait caster is pretty good.
    20. Christian Holyoak 0
      Silver max and Vengeance
    21. Jake Pedersen 0
      well I've had no luck.. bought one,junk...got it replaced,junk lol
    22. Christian Holyoak 0
      @walleyegod My favorite spinning reel. I drop-shot with it all of the time
    23. RiverBoyPat 0
      $0-$110 @LivewellHero
    24. Jake Pedersen 0
      don't but the orra sx spinning reel... worse purchase ever
    25. Christian Holyoak 0
      Definitely a baitcaster. Price range?
    26. RiverBoyPat 0
      Frogs, worms, fluke, lures, swimbaits, crank baits. Lizards @LivewellHero
    27. Christian Holyoak 0
      What will you fish on it bait-wise?
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