1. m13 0
      Get one man! They are awesome and you can get to some shallow places where boats can't go safely so when the bass are on the beds in those shallow coves you ...more can tear them up! @jstruve
    2. jstruve 0
      Looking at Kayaks now for the Fox River by my house can't wait to get one!! Looking for used if possible.
    3. m13 0
      @isaacormond I honestly didn't get to fish but for 30 min but I'm sure it's an awesome place to fish it's really clear water and extremely deep!
    4. isaacormond 0
      @m13 did you do any good at jocassee? I fish in hartwell and was thinking about going to try up there soon.
    5. bo_pierce 0
      Yeah it's gonna be cold so whatever I use will have to be fished slow and easy @m13
    6. m13 0
      @bo_pierce nice I would guess jerk baits and football jigs but I'm not sure
    7. bo_pierce 0
    8. bo_pierce 0
      Ok I was just wondering. I go up there every now and then. I am about to fish in a tournament on Strom Thurmond in December. I was wondering about fishing reports ...more and conditions/ baits to try
    9. m13 0
      @bo_pierce I haven't yet but my bass club has a tournament scheduled on Murray in 2014
    10. bo_pierce 0
      Okay thanks man. Do you ever fish on lake Murray or Strom Thurmond Reservoir? @m13
    11. m13 0
      @bo_pierce and also don't make any permanent modifications to your yak till you try it out a few times
    12. m13 0
      @bo_pierce yeah give it a try I just couldn't part with the space mainly because I carry at least 4 rods and a ton of tackle
    13. bo_pierce 0
      Yeah I have an extra motor but that 24 volt battery weighs a lot. Thanks for the help. I'll probably try it and see if I like it though @m13
    14. m13 0
      @bo_pierce I've did it before and it works but you need a big deep cycle battery which adds a lot of weight and takes up space and that's the 2 things I ...more don't wanna give up
    15. bo_pierce 0
      Hey man would you recommend putting like a 30 pound thrust trolling motor on a 10 1/2 foot Kayak? @m13
    16. m13 0
      Thanks @9G3B
    17. 9G3B 0
      Sick set up bro
    18. m13 0
      @crookcody16 cool man I know a lot about yaks so if you have any questions let me know!
    19. m13 0
      Thanks! @HOOKsettA
    20. crookcody19 0
      Okay thanks man I'll deffinatly look at the ride 115!
    21. HOOKsettA 0
      Nice yak brotha!
    22. m13 0
      @crookcody16 definitely the ride 135 will be a little faster but won't turn quite as easy so if your mainly gonna be on rivers the 115 may be your better choice
    23. crookcody19 0
      Is the ride 135 still good.
    24. m13 0
      @crookcody16 it's a wilderness ride 115 and it's awesome highly recommended if your in the market!
    25. crookcody19 0
      What type of kayak?
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