1. My son Connor throwing my baitcaster reel for the first time. He did really well for his first time. I STILL can't throw it.

    1. Lunk_Lifestyle 0
      @FlyWhiteGuy87 amen
    2. GTeam 0
      @Thomas_60 Yeah man, that's what it's ALL about. Fishing is something Fathers and Sons can enjoy for a lifetime together.
    3. thomas olandese 0
      I fish with my son when he was that age.and still do,
    4. Austin Austin 0
      That's what I like to see! I hope that's an Abu in his hands lol
    5. GTeam 0
      @GivnBUSINESS Lol, you're right. Thanks @cooper29 Honestly I wouldn't care if he did backlash it. As long as he loves to fish I'll fix it time and time ...more again.
    6. cooper marchetto 0
    7. GivnBUSINESS 0
      Don't worry, no one really knows how to use a baitcaster. It's all in what you can make other people believe. Lol
    8. Sean Wilms 0
      ya, i suppose i dont practice pitching very much since i only fish from the bank but i would whenever i get a yak or boat
    9. PKfisherman 0
    10. GTeam 0
      @seaturtles I hear ya bro. I've really been practicing my pitching at the house. I just stand in a chair to simulate being in a boat/kayak and I have a bucket ...more as my target. It's fun
    11. GTeam 0
      @epicdude13 Naw man, I keep my kayak down at a friends house so we were just down there to grab poles/tackle. He prob threw 10 casts in all... No backlash and that ...more was good enough for me. Lol
    12. PKfisherman 0
      Did he catch anything
    13. Sean Wilms 0
      lol i barely can

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