1. B/c all of the Founders of FS are from Houston: @MulletHead @cowboy713 @bassinboy01 @matt I'm gonna keep the LoneStar State rolling with one: @TXfisherman97

    1. GTeam 0
      @caledake That's what's up bro. Preciate your support on the FB page too!
    2. GTeam 0
      @Yank313 It doesn't have to be a new pic bro...just any pick w/ a good fish withOUT a Chicago Bulls hat. Lol
    3. GTeam 0
      @BrazyT Naw man, I ain't knocking the Sooners. Although I was kinda surprised to learn you weren't Reppin the Bainbridge State Polytechnic Pnut Shuckers. ...more Now THAT'S the Franchise Cuz. Lol
    4. caledake 0
      I'm down for representing then good ol OK too! @GTeam
    5. Yank313 0
      Haven't been out lately @GTeam did go out today in laid a goose egg lol
    6. BrazyT 0
      Will do bro will do and don't be try to knock my SOONERS
    7. GTeam 0
      @BrazyT That's what's up!! But I SHO wish you would get me your pic SOONER!! Sorry bro, I realize that was a REALLY bad joke. Lol. Tag me in an older pic ...more man...doesn't have to be new unless you want
    8. BrazyT 0
      Hey I'll represent Oklahoma for ya that's for sure lets do this
    9. GTeam 0
      @BrazyT Ummmm YEAH. Lol
    10. BrazyT 0
      Nice one guess I need to break the rod out
    11. GTeam 0
      @seaturtles cool!! @Yank313 @BrazyT @chriswalker Where y'all at?!
    12. Sean Wilms 0
      I caught all my fish in Virginia just so u know @GTeam
    13. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      @GTeam sure will
    14. GTeam 0
      Brother I'm about promoting anyone on the PLANET that loves to fish. @reelgame Send me some pics and I'll get em up.
    15. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      @GTeam how about international fishing for monster bass in Mexico like Lake Vincente Guerro big bass swimming around them old flooded mesquites trees
    16. Will Engle 0
      I'm from the Dallas area @cowboy713 @GTeam
    17. Chris Skinner 0
    18. GTeam 0
      @cowboy713 My bad bro!! I'm not gonna MESS with ya!! Lol
    19. Chris Skinner 0
      I'm from around SA but close enough 😜
    20. GTeam 0
      I'd like to feature a FS from EVERY STATE. Lets show the fishing world that Fishing Scout is NATIONWIDE Family. Tag your pics w/ @GTeam or email to msgebora@gmail.com ...more and rep YOUR state!!!
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