1. I think if ur fun fishing and gonna release immediately without moving boat and maybe use a barb less hook is fine tournament bedfishing is Def detrimental all the ...more stress of being caught kept weighed then released miles away from the beds that were built by the male they chose then being released same spot with other spawning females who just lost they're bed and mate u would think within days of all those releases u should be able to check immedate area from release and find a ton of beds but that's not the case most of those fish will not spawn that season these females along with the males have been slowly moving and adjusting as temp rises changing positions and locations and staging as weather permits allowing they're body's to adjust during this period they finally acclamated and found and prepared bed in comfortable depth and temp and started process with male or males they chose being captured even if put in same temp water is not same to baromic pressure sunlight waterfowl all conditions they chose and bodies allowed to start process take a pregnant woman 9 months pregnant from they're environment put them in a refrigerated or heated Rollercoaster and drop them in different country away from family what's odds of successful birth

    1. joey blaszkiewicz 0
      in most states u cannot target largemouth bass till 2nd Saturday in June but tournaments have a little lenience with Dec and state regs cuz of the economy developed ...more by these events and I've been fishing long enough to know in most places in the country that prespawn fishing can produce biggest fish of year bed or no bed

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