1. I just probably pissed a guy off just be in honest he showed a 10lb largemouth caught on a shiner in Florida I told him I've yet to pass that 10lb mark and if ...more I caught it that way it wouldn't count there's something about using something man made in a manner to convince a fish especially one that lived long enough to get that big to bite I can put an earthworm on a hook and bobber and it's on but what about gettin one to eat I fly I tied or a mini spinner I don't hunt but a hunter would understand that concept now if I already broke my 10lb mark and just wanted to catch as many lunker in one day as possible on my first trip to ocheechobe still a great day

    1. joey blaszkiewicz 0
      I hope he understood what I was saying I wasn't trying to be a dock if they're eating sunnies you don't throw shad
    2. Pete Garm 0
      Morris Campbell is a good dude and angler. he always catches hog monsters

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