1. on long Island every April 1st they would stock the hatchery trout around the ponds of LI u could get a report of where what size and how many so for about a month ...more any pond on that list would receive tremendous pressure and then all of a sudden no one fishing these places I remember hearing people say that lake only has the stock trout these were some of the best largemouth bass fishing lakes around a ny bass is a little different than others deep colors and even small fish got shoulders that's protein from eating fingerling trout then no one targeting them most long island lakes are under 6ft with lots of vegatation the spots that received pressure for trout were the dams falls or creeks leading in or out everything else untouched I miss the trout stocking on LI we wait all winter for trout season then most go to saltwater as it warms up that's why there's a lot of hidden bass gems in plain site wahaha

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