1. Looking to buy a new spinning reel. Looking to spend about 80 dollars or so. I was looking at the Lews Mach 2 speed spin but the reviews weren't the best. Thoughts?? ...more I will be using it for finesse bass fishing.

    1. Alvin Randolph 0
      Pfluger.....got mine a couple of years ago from Gander Mountain on Black Friday...came with an extra spool so I could change line on the fly if need....smooth drap....awesome ...more performance:
    2. scott clark 0
      I use all shimano had some for probably 20years,lil more pricey but last forever
    3. Christopher Pereira 0
      pflueger is good, but they're heavy for their size. You'll get much better feel the lighter you go. important for finesse fishing.
    4. Jake Joseph 1
      I've got Pflueger reels of all sizes and love them all great reel for the money IMO
    5. Christopher Pereira 0
      i replaced my pflueger presidents with ardent cforces. pfluegers are good but you don't realize how heavy the pfluegers are til you use lighter stuff. Lighter ...more reels will make a big difference with finesse fishing, but i haven't tried the ardent bolt which would be the one in your price range (others seem to like it though). I can get you a 25% off though if you wanted to try it. 3 year warranty is pretty sweet too.
    6. Brian Quisenberry 0
      I second the pflueger!!
    7. justin bromley 0
      shimano sahara
    8. Dillen Kangas 0
      I would go with a pflueger I have one and it is amazing and I spent 70 bucks

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