1. i fished for two and a half hours the other night ,its been a struggle since the spawn ended . Hard to get on any kind of numbers but tonight was the night , they ...more are definitely settling into their summer patterns an are definitely more aggressive.. each year more eyes are starting to show up . everything I caught was on crankbait trout color and one on live bait trolling Nightcrawler ... def a magical night out! now im going to be setting up a page for the Walleye Club I have mentioned in previous post, and the description of it is on my profile if you would like to look, it is for Buffalo Lake Wisconsin Marquette County...(walleye club) Please ,if you live on the lake or only Fish It 2 times a year because you live in Illinois ,I would like you to all be involved as we are the people that enjoy the lake the most ,and with. my efforts in your help we can get the lake back to its numbers and now we'll be able to enjoy a fine walleye Fishery and hopefully to be fantastic in the future as I am pushing for a state slot limit, and if not granted we will do it as a group and set an example and hopefully people will follow. Also to the guy in the Lund red and silver 14 ft I've seen you keep enough undersized fish and if I see it again DNR will be called.. again my cell number is 608-369-1899 any ideas about farming this club and ... thanks for taking the time to read this enjoy the pictures tight lines!

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