1. was looking to see if some of you more serious walleye fisherman would like to start a little club before Buffalo Lake.. I have been chasing walleye almost my whole ...more life ...i practice a solid catch and release policy basically same as the slot limits on the Wisconsin River I have seen increased activity and almost doubled from last year on this section I don't think we'll have a problem with a getting fished out due to the weeds and the average fisherman might find it a bit walleyes up here but I believe there is a substantial population right now and it's just going to get better so let's form a club and keep it safe.... my cell phone number is 608-369-1899 and my Gmail if you prefer email is glaser527@gmail .i am off work at 3:30 everyday give me a shout after that time and well talk on how to set this up etc. I think this would benefit this Lake a whole lot for our future Generations and I'm sure the businesses would appreciate some extra income!! tight lines

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