1. Not bad for the first time fishing the lake !

    1. Riley Baumann 0
      What we're you using
    2. Steve Trokan 0
      South Shore, about 4-5 ft deep,in the pencil reeds
    3. Gary Kasza 0
      Do you know where on the lake u were?
    4. Gary Kasza 0
    5. Gary Kasza 0
      Holy Cow!!!! Beautiful catch!!
    6. Matthew VandeWalle 0
    7. Steve Trokan 0
      Don't know how it's gonna b then but I was fishing the emergent pencil reeds with a 1/32 oz jig and a 1" gulp with a bobber working back to the boat ...more slowly
    8. John Poulopoulos 0
      Heading to Shawano Lake in the last weekend in June. Any specific spots you recommend?

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