1. I need to stop going out with 10% battery in my phone or night fish without a lantern or flash light. Or pull out my scale and discover that amidst the excitement ...more of my last catch, left it on and killed the batteries. Waiting till you have a brag worthy toad on your line to make this discovery definitely takes some wind outta your sails. Since I started this addiction that I call a hobby in 2015, I have missed my coveted fish selfie with roughly 6-8 fish and half of them weighed right around 5 lbs give or take. Which brings me to the focus of this post.... No its not a, "Double and Triple check your gear every time you go out" post.. This is a..."if you are starting to forget the feeling of having a hog on your line, dont stress. just go fishing by yourself and forget everything at home minus the rod n reel. This probably is mostly in my head, but it happens almost every time. Also, if I am with my buddies, I seem to catch way less with fewer bites. I attribute it to the distraction of having a familiar face to bs with while you cast. Anywho I just wanted to complain and ask if this happens to anyone else.

    1. Christopher Pereira 0
      No joke...I caught my biggest largemouth (24") and biggest striped bass (47") both on days i forgot my camera! And i almost NEVER forget my camera...go ...more figure! thankfully someone had crappy phone cameras to get the pic but the pics of both fish SUCK haha, better than nothing though i guess. still bothers me!

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