1. Anyone got any good tips for hook sets or tips for making sure your line doesn't break on a big fish? Lost a big one this morning because my 17 lb fluorocarbon ...more snapped

    1. Randy Shelley 0
      Yep it happens to the best of us go get them tiger
    2. Josh Berkovsky 0
      It was 5 months old lol so you're probably right. And I think what caused it to break was I had pressed my thumb down on the spool because it caught me by surprise
    3. Randy Shelley 0
      I landed a 40 lbs spoonbill paddlefish last week with 6lb line while fishing for white bass.
      I tail hooked it and fought it for 24 mins till it got tired and gave ...more up. You can catch almost anything with the drag set properly and fresh line. If your line is 6 months old replace it!!!
    4. Randy Shelley 0
      Set your drag lighter!!!!

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