1. Looking to take my son fishing in southern Indiana fishing this weekend. Anybody have any suggestions? We are 50% sure we will head to Patoka lake. Is this a good ...more spot for crappie, bass? Raccoon lake, is this a good destination? Lake Monroe I'm aware it's a reservoir. Fishing better this time of year or to early. Anything hitting?

    1. Mike Hirsch 1
      Yeah I would fish Shafer/Freeman for smallmouth until it warms up a bit more
    2. william vith 0
      My family and I camp in Monticello often. I take my son to Norway Dam. I caught my first ever small mouth bass there. My son was having a blast with the strippers.
    3. william vith 0
    4. Mike Hirsch 0
      Yeah, probably I have not been on the lake yet this year.
    5. william vith 0
      Thanks Mike. Still cold water temperatures?
    6. Mike Hirsch 0
      If you want to catch largemouth I would go to Waveland lake it's just North of Raccoon.
    7. william vith 0
      For my son and all
    8. william vith 0
      That's not good.
    9. rick gibson 0
      several tournaments there this weekend

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