1. Well this wasn't at all what I was intending to make. The red tends to bleed into the chartreuse while its still sitting in the mold. Ya'll let me know ...more what you think. It's Red and Chartreuse with some black and silver flake. (That's not green flake. Not sure why it looks that way...) The other half of the equation is packaging and shipping. Not too sure it wouldn't bleed into an orange color completely across and throughout the bait. I'll have to let it sit for a couple days, then throw it in some bags and let it sit some more. More to follow...

    1. Dale Waggoner 0
      Wow guys thanks for all the comments. Means a lot. Now for the bad news....didn't work. I'll post a pic above this one of what they 'turned' into. ...more Completely turned orange....ugh.
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      I like it!!!
    3. Scott Schulte 0
      I have 4" ringworms the same color. They will catch sauger and eyes
    4. Rich Pardy 0
      The Chartreuses always tend to bleed or take on another color, maybe you will get lucky.
    5. Noah Shapiro 0
      Those are great colors. Kinda like a perch!
    6. scott clark 0
      I like it,looks good 2 me
    7. Eddie Goode 0
      I still like them. Goode looking color.
    8. Robert Coleman 0
      If they don't bleed to a solid orange..... I say 👍 Nice looking worms!

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